Otázku financí určitě nelze brát na lehkou váhu. Ten, kdo je nemá k dispozici, je totiž permanentně v ohrožení, že nebude za něco schopen zaplatit.

Try unconventional entertainment!

Do you want to try something unconventional that you have never had the chance to try before? So maybe you will be interested in shooting a real weapon at a shooting range in Prague. You definitely don`t have to worry about anything, everything takes place under the supervision of experienced instructors who will be close to you the whole time. First, you will get to know the theory, talk about safety, the distribution of weapons, and then you can look forward to the practical part of shooting.

woman with a gun

One could say that shooting a gun is a purely masculine activity, but that is not the case at all. A whole lot of women want to try this unconventional adrenaline fun. What`s more, you might like shooting so much that it doesn`t end with one visit to the shooting range.

Are you looking for an adrenaline gift for your loved ones?

Shooting at a shooting range Praha https://outbackprague.com/ can be a great gift for your loved ones who love adrenaline fun. You can easily give a gift in the form of a voucher, when the person in question chooses a preferred date and time according to their own wishes. Believe that this entertainment will be remembered for a long time.

But who is shooting at the shooting range actually intended for? For everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical fitness. In short, if you want to try a sporting activity that you may not be able to try in the future, there is no reason to hesitate. Believe that you will experience excitement, adrenaline, but also fun at the shooting range.

target hit

This is target shooting with weapons of your choice. You can choose just one and shoot with it all the time, or shoot with several weapon models at once. You can choose from several basic packages, which differ in the number of weapons, the number of shots and the time spent at the shooting range. The cheapest package can be purchased for as little as 65 euros.

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